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Year 2000 Computer Problem

  • Year 2000 Information Portal. The Year 2000 ("y2k") problem stems from the use of a two digit field to represent the year (e.g. 85=1985) in computer software. Software so created may be unable to properly address dates after 1999 (00=1900 not 2000). This site provides information and links to further in-depth information regarding this problem.
  • The Year 2000 Information Center provides a forum for disseminating information about the year 2000 problem, also called the Millennium Bug, and for the discussion of possible solutions.
  • Year 2000 Tools. Download products to help you diagnos and fix the Y2K problem.
  • Year 2000 Registry. Year 2000 Registry Service maintains a database containing the year 2000 preparatory status of stocks, government agencies, and private companies and organizations.
  • NSTL PC 2000 Help. Get the YMark2000 utility to fix check you PC for Y2K compatibility.
  • Microsoft's Year 2000. I would like to welcome you to the Microsoft Year 2000 Resource Center. This site has been designed to offer comprehensive information about Microsoft products and how they are affected by the Year 2000.