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"The Matrix"

"The Matrix" is a fast paced, futuristic, action movie that will have you on the edge of your seat for nearly the entire film. This show has special effects that will dazzle even the best critics.

The movie starts out with a woman at a computer. She is rampantly working to perhaps hack some system when the police break down her door. Then the movie cuts to a scene with what looks like a secret service agent who has an earphone in his ear. He is telling the police captain not to send his men in to get the girl. The captain says he has her in custody. Then the agent says, "Your men are already dead." Cut to the scene with the beautiful woman. The police instruct her to stand up slowly and put her hands up. She has her back to them. An officer approaches her and just as he is about to cuff her, she reaches back and puts her fist through his chest. By the time the other officers are firing at her she is up in the air, suspended 5 feet above the floor. She manages to avoid being shot and kills all of several cops with martial arts.

Next she calls someone asking for an "exit." Then she runs as fast as she can. The police backups are chasing her. When she leaps from one building to another about 30 feet away she looses the police, but the agent also makes the jump. Now she hides and thinks for a moment. She runs for it while the agent is shooting at her. The next scene is even more incredible. She dives through a window in an adjacent building, rolls down some stairs and turns around pointing two guns toward the window. She waits a moment, terrified. Then she continues running. When she gets out of the building she sees a ringing phone booth. But there is a refuse truck approaching fast. She pauses, then runs to the phone, picks up the receiver, listens and the truck demolishes the booth. To find out what happens next go see the movie.